Our Union Office is moving on July 17th to: 2500 Morris Avenue 2nd Floor Union, NJ!
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At Freeman Spine and Pain Institute we strive to deliver the highest quality of care to all of our patients

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With offices in Middlesex, Union, Passaic and Essex Counties

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Are you looking for a pain treatment center in New Jersey that is in or near the towns of Edison, Union, Clifton, Freehold, or Newark? Do you need to find a new, in-network doctor that can help you find shoulder pain relief with cutting-edge treatment options and procedures or who offers arthritis pain management services? Well, look no further than the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute, a medical practice comprised of Board Certified and fellowship-trained pain management specialists.

Back Pain Doctor Providing Superior Care,Treatment Options and Procedures

Since the beginning, our pain management specialists have helped patients find relief from the pain they feel in their ankles, elbows, feet, hands, hips, knees, lower and upper backs, necks, and shoulders using modern treatment options and procedures. In fact, they’re proficient in using numerous minimally invasive procedures such as Intradiscal electrothermic therapy (IDET) and endoscopic decompression, and various interventional spinal procedures such as Radiofrequency ablation, sympathetic blocks, facet joint injections, and spinal cord stimulator trials. Additionally, patients can also turn to our pain treatment centers for regenerative joint therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, and myofascial injections such as trigger point injections and Botox. In the end, our back pain doctors and staff strive to use only the most state-of-the-art treatment options and procedures to help patients overcome their injuries quickly.

In-Network Doctor You Can Trust to Provide Superior Care

One of the biggest reasons why you should choose the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute is because every physician on our team has made it clear that his or her life's work is to find ways to eliminate a patient's pain for good. Also, when you visit one of our offices for a consultation, you can expect to meet with a specialist who is not only highly-educated but compassionate and understanding. Lastly, as we mentioned above, the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute is an “in-network doctor.” If you’d like to find out whether or not we accept your insurance, you can feel free to call one of our offices at any time.

Pain Treatment Center Serving Patients in New Jersey

During your initial consultation with one of our specialists, he or she will get to know you, talk about what type of pain you're experiencing, and where you believe it's coming from. Our specialists will also go over your medical history, perform a physical, and may even recommend imaging studies to determine the exact cause of your pain (if you didn’t bring any with you.) After your first consultation is over, our pain specialist will suggest a few treatment options or procedures that will help you to find the pain relief you want. To learn more about what to expect during your first appointment and what documents you should bring, please visit the Patient Forms page of our site. To learn more about the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute’s headache treatment options or our many other spine and pain management treatment options and procedures, please browse our site. To make an appointment at our office in Edison, Union, Clifton, or Freehold to speak with a neck pain doctor, please give us a call at any time. Our offices are also convenient to patients living in the town of Newark, New Jersey. To find the closest office and their hours of operation, please also be sure to visit our Contact Us page.

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At the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute we know that pain can be a debilitating issue, affecting individuals work, family life, and overall mental state. Using state of the art procedures and methods, the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute helps it's patients overcome their injuries, while delivering compassionate care. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your daily activities, call Freeman Spine and Pain Institute and let us alleviate your pain today!!!

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